The Heavy-Duty Durability of Metal Roofing

Weather Is No Match for Metal Roofing

You’ll appreciate the durability of your new metal roof as it can withstand anything that comes its way. It is no match for snow and ice, which can wreak havoc on traditional roof surfaces. Sun damage is also a nonoccurrence as the painted surface resists any fading, chipping or cracking. Even rain can’t penetrate the hard steel surface of this metal roofing as it is impact resistant and interlocked fitted for added protection.

The steel is made to be rust resistant and allows your metal roof to look like new throughout its life in your home. Metal roofing also provides great safety from wind damage as you don’t have missing shingles or tiles to contend with. This can reduce your repair costs as there will be no need to worry about the condition of your steel roofing throughout your lifetime.

Snow and ice slides from the steel roofing surface as the panels are pitched at a minimum of 3-in-12. This ensures you don’t have standing snow or ice on your steel roofing, which creates damage and wears with traditional roofing materials. Rain also glides right off the surface of your metal roofing as interlocking panels provide a slick surface that resists moisture, that can cause curling and rot in asphalt shingles.

Other traditional roofing repair issues are also prevented with steel roofing as it can stand up to any type of extreme weather condition that comes its way. It is a worthy investment for your home just based on its high strength and long-lasting life. No matter the weather conditions, your metal roofing faces, it can take the beating while retaining its gleaming appearance.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofing is also made to be resistant to fires, making it the ideal roof material for areas susceptible to wildfires. It can provide that additional security you have been searching for to keep your family safe. Each metal roof surface comes with a class rating that determines the fire protective qualities of the steel roofing. Most are Class A and are non-combustible in their construction, giving you plenty of security and protection in your home. You simply can’t go wrong installing this roof type on your home.


Despite the heavy-duty nature of metal roofing, it is surprisingly lightweight. Compared with heavy tiles or shingles, it dramatically reduces the amount of weight on your property. It can run as light as 50 to 150 pounds per square, depending on the model and style, giving you additional peace of mind that your property’s structure is secure.

There is no need to beef up the structure of your home or business as metal roofing comes in panels or multi-piece sections. They are easily attached to your home, requiring only minimal time for installation or home exposure to the elements during the process.

Easy to Keep Clean

To care for your metal roof, you can wash it with detergent and water or use a pressure washer to keep it clean. Its care is so minimal that it will take you only moments to give it a quick shine. This long-lasting roof material is designed to go without maintenance for years, so you can rest easy that your home is protected and safe.

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