Going Green with Metal Roofing

An Environmentally-Friendly, No Brainer

Going green is easy with metal roofing since metal roofs are constructed from 30-60% recycled materials. Asphalt shingle roof tear-offs, on the other hand, contribute to an estimated 20 billion pounds of waste inside landfills. Steel roofing just doesn’t have this kind of a waste.

Because your metal roof can be installed directly over your current roof material structure, it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill. It also helps to cut your costs again as there is no need to pay for costly roof tear-offs or charges for proper disposal. You’ll have a roof that is cost-effective in its function as well as lower in its environmental impact when you install metal roofing.

Without the need to tear off your existing roof, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly steel roofing is installed on your home. With minimal mess and cleanup, your new metal roof will be installed in only a matter of days with little interruption and inconvenience.

Selecting metal roofing for your home will give you more longevity over traditional roofing materials while saving you money on its use and function. The benefits of adding steel roofing to your home are hard to deny. It certainly is an investment that you will enjoy for years to come without worrying about repairs or replacement costs.

Plus, you’ll find that metal roofing adds all the curb appeal you have been looking for in the style and color you want. You won’t find another roofing material that offers you more quality, durability and price savings than steel roofing. It’s the perfect roofing material from your property!

Energy-Efficiency Guaranteed

You’ll save even more as the energy-efficiency of your metal roof is designed to keep cooler in the summer months. Using a reflective paint on the steel roofing’s material allows heat to radiate from the surface. This can cut your cooling costs in the summertime. It has been reported that as much as a 12-degree differential can be felt in temperature with the installation of a metal roof during the warm weather months.

The savings can be significant for homeowners that are burdened by high cooling bills, especially in high heat areas. By installing metal roofing, you can expect to save as much as 40% on your energy bill, according to a report by the Oak Ridge National Lavatory. This can really make a difference in your household budget throughout the year. You’ll feel the difference inside your home and see the change in your energy bill each month. This can be reason enough to have metal roofing installed on your property.

You’ll also see savings on your heating costs in the winter months as metal roofing is a solid heat insulator that can increase the warmth of your home. While shingles reduce their effectiveness over time, allowing heat to escape, steel roofing locks this heat inside your home when you need it to keep you warm. This helps to reduce your heating bills all winter long. This is just another way that you will save with the installation of metal roofing.

Considering Metal Roofing for Your Property?

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